timber accents

 Ceilings don’t have to be boring and white. These wagon wheels were made from reclaimed timbers as a replica of what I saw in a European home. An old mill was converted to part of the living space and these wheels were left as part of the decor.


Custom Bathrooms

This upstairs bath is very roomy and not cramped. It has an archway bwtween the vanity and the shower area.

Working both sides of the mountain, there really isn’t any excuse NOT to treat yourself to a little custom home magic this Christmas season. Stop by in Salem, Oregon to check out our newest little masterpiece at 127 Radiance—or visit our Open House this Saturday from 12-3 at Aspen Manor in Sisters, Oregon.

Either way, you’ll have an opportunity to talk home building, take pictures, and plan your next creation.

Aspen Manor Open House

Please come celebrate the Christmas season with us this Saturday, December 10 from 1-4pm at Aspen Manor – 16983 Royal Coachman Drive, Sisters Oregon.

Hosted by Carleen Alway and Kip Lohr of Lohr Real Estate.

I’m working on a new home in Salem— 127 Radiance.

We’re about 3/4 of the way done and I’m really excited about the unveil!

The plan is one of my favorites (if not the best we’ve done on Radiance). All main-level living with both a formal dining, den and great room. Upstairs you’ll find two bedrooms and a bonus room—yet the home doesn’t feel ‘too big’. It’s really a great house!

Here’s some sneak peeks:

Media "Center" in the Great Room

Rustic AND High Tech!

Mill-Wheel Lighting

Timber mill wheels

Custom-made Mill Wheels by Jess Alway Construction

These might look like oversized wagon wheels — but if you look more closely, you will see that they are really mortise and tendon mill wheels, built to exact spec replication. These mill wheels are also the base of an intricate and sophisticated lighting feature, framed in a round dining room.

Big details like these mill wheels add the ah-ha moment to a luxury custom home. Not only do they start a conversation, but they are one-of-a-kind. Ideas like these are what you are certain to get when building with me, Jess Alway.

This home was built in Pronghorn, located in Bend, Oregon.

A View From Above

Great Room from Stairway

A View From Above

Here we are looking down at a Great Room from the second story landing. This home also featured a Romeo & Juliette balcony — and you can see the edge of it to the left side of the photo.

In a previous post, we talked about how the Great Room is fast eclipsing the compartmentalized home. It’s not very often you see a new home with a Living Room, Family Room, Formal Dining and Den. More often than not, new homes are bringing the family back together.

This photo shows how you can integrate the upstairs into the downstairs.  Leaving the landing and balcony open to the Great Room and as part of the living space, the area becomes a nucleus or hub to the rest of the home.

This particular home features 100-year old distressed wood floors, real blacksmith wrought-iron railings and reclaimed timbers. The bricked wall and arch adds to the richness of the home, and gives a certain warmth to the room otherwise lost. Using brick inside the home is a concept I pulled from some of my travels overseas.  Come to think of it, a lot of my ideas are farmed from those trips. I can’t wait to go back!